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I turned 45 today. By some definition that's already the late middle age for men. According to statistics I still have a bit over 30 years left, so that puts me at 3/5 mark on my expected lifespan.

Of course I could die tomorrow. Those are just statistics. Averages of how long a person born around the time I was is expected to live. There are many factors that affect the estimate and nothing says I couldn't live to a hundred years. Then I wouldn't even be half way there. And who knows what will happen in healthcare industry in the next 30ish years. Maybe we all get to live to our second hundreds.

Putting the numbers down I should feel older than what I feel. Twenty years ago people at their mid fifties were old. Now those at their thirties are still kids and old people are over sixty. I hope there are still "old" people to me when I'm that old.

45 is also halfway from 40 to 50. Forty is still borderline on the younger side while fifty is already older. Until now I have been able to round my age down to the 40, but from now on I'm already closer to 50. It is indeed the breaking point at the middle age. I just hope I'm indeed only half way there.