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Proper celebrations

I don't remember when I've last time had a proper birthday party. Didn't have one this year either. I don't mind, I'm not really into that kind of things. Although I have some fond memories of such parties from my youth.

Back then getting a lot of present was "the think". It didn't matter what they were, just getting those packages was nice. Nowadays I wouldn't care if I didn't get any. I have enough stuff already and I'm well capable to get more on my own. I like experience more and got pretty good ones this year as well.

My wife bought me (us) tickets to a stand-up gig. A nice evening together ahead, something to look forward. My son, while not intentionally or planned, signed his permanent employment contract yesterday. A nice coincidence.

Maybe the best of all was what my youngest one "gave" me. We spend the evening together building LEGO Batmobile which I had just managed to separate from all the random pieces. And we did that while watching the LEGO Batman movie which featured the same Batmobile model!