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Buying plastic

There are a few interesting new sets coming out from LEGO during the end of the year/next year. I'm really tempted to get the first ever Dune set - the Ornithopter. The rumored next Lord of the Rings set, Barad-Dur would also be nice to have. Although with it's height at 83 centimeters (if the rumors are true) makes it a bit hard to put on display.

The problem is they are all made of plastic. In principle I shouldn't support production of anything like such useless vanity items out of such a troubled material. I'd rather keep my LEGO collecting on the recycling side buying and restoring old used sets. But with these kind of sought after sets the price will just keep going up so the best time to buy them is while they are still available on retail.

LEGO group is quite committed to the environmental cause and is constantly looking for more sustainable ways to produce, pack and ship their products. They have also invested a lot in research to bring us some new form of ecological materials to replace plastic. Maybe my money won't be wasted even if I give it directly to them every bow and then.