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Final pieces

My quest to soer the first 10 kg of random LEGO bricks is almost at the end. I've separated 73 different sets from the lot and now there are only a few hundred pieces left.

Many of the remaining pieces are hopefully some of the bit over 2000 pieces that are still missing from all those sets, but there might still be a few small sets left among them. The possible remaining sets are probably either really small or sets that are missing big portion of their pieces. So not really worth separating anymore.

With the remaining pieces I'll do one last round going through them against the missing pieces list. After that I'll join them with my original collection as spare pieces for old (and future) sets.

I'm surprised how many sets there were. I'm also a bit disappointed of how many pieces those sets were missing. I need to do some shopping to get those sets completed. Regardless needing some extra investment I'm sure I'll end up pretty good on the profit side from this lot. But considering there were over 30000 pieces in total, missing only a bit over 2000 is quite low percentage in the end.