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The truth is still out there

The classic hit series from the 90s - X-Files just celebrated it's 30th anniversary recently. It's yet another of those thinks making me think "it can't be that long ago". Of course back then there wasn't any streaming services or global releases so we only got it two years later here in Finland. So it wasn't that long ago.

After 30 years from those days (and some more from the original events) we are finally getting some of the real world X-Files released to the open (I wonder whether those files cane in manila folders). Still those files haven't been a definite proof for extra terrestrial life. If anything they have just incited a new generation of conspiracies. The only thing that is certain is that they don't prove (or deny) anything.

At the same time my favourite stargazer JSWT has spotted some molecules on a far away exo planed that are usually only produced by organic life. On local news we have also just confirmed it's possible to produce oxygen on Mars' atmosphere by NASA's MOXIE experiment. So if it can be produced now it is possible there has been some in the past... cue the X-Files theme

The truth is out there