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Late night renovations

We finally started our master bedroom renovation today. This was the earliest weekend available for such activity since we ordered our new bed. This was also the earliest week it could have been delivered. Luckily it didn't arrive yet, no need to move it back and forth. Unfortunately there is still no word on the delivery so we still need to return to our old bed in our new bedroom.

Even though we were able ro get started a bit earlier than planned it took longer than expected to tear down all the old wallpapers, ceiling panels and wardrobe. It was already getting late when everything was ready for step two.

I could have left it there. Pur schedule would have been stretched a bit, but we are not in a hurry. The new bed isn't arriving on Monday. But it's our master bedroom. That means we need to sleep somewhere else until the room is done. Our youngest one is also staying with us for an extended stay so they have taken over our quest bedroom. So we need to settle for the third option sleeping on the secondary quest room.

So I decided to stick to our schedule and do the first round of painting still this evening. I lost track of time and at some point I had a sudden bad feeling - what if I have been working for so long it's already past midnight! Luckily it was barely eleven so I had plenty of time to finish the job and still have time to keep up the streak.