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Renovations day 2

Our bedroom is still not ready, but there was steady progress today as well even though I felt rather tired throughout the day. Maybe I shouldn't have worked that late yesterday, or maybe it was due not sleeping well in the first place.

Day started with a pick up of remaining missing materials and rental tools. I was hoping to get the wall panels done before the rental place closes to be able to return the nailgun already today. But they were open only until noon so there was no chance to finish before that, so need to pay an extra day's rent for it.

On a hindsight it might not have been a good idea to leave the bedframe in the room. I though it would have been easier to keep moving it around than disassembling it, but even if you can push it aside it still takes quite a lot of space.

I'm hopeful that we can finalize the renovations tomorrow so there wouldn't be two extra nights needed to sleep elsewhere as I'm going to have a long day at the office on Monday so can only continue the job on Tuesday if it doesn't come ready tomorrow.