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Not quite done

After three days of working on our master bedroom it's still not quite ready yet. I think it would have been possible to finish everything today if only there would have been all the materials ready. I had also underestimated the need of the screws for the ceiling panels so there is still some things to acquire before the job can be finalized.

Even of everything is not finished yet it's already good enough so we can move back in. No more sleeping on the secondary option. While the space for our secondary quest accommodations isn't that ample the bed frame there turned out to be actually better than our own old one. So while we are waiting our new bed to arrive we decided to move our quest bed to our master bedroom and already throw the old frame out.

I hope the new bed won't arrive next week either. It takes a few days for the remaining materials to arrive and it would make it harder to finish the job if the new bed would already be there. Luckily the next weekend is also free from other plans so there is time to finalize the renovation.