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Sleeping on it

I had to do some last minute changes to our renovation plans yesterday due to the fact that the wall panels to our bedroom wall didn't nicely lineup nicely all the way to the ceiling. The last full panel didn't reach up all the way to the top. I could have split one more row there, but cutting the panel isn't that easy and it was just a matter of few centimeters so I decided to leave it as is and instead put a bit wider molding there.

The wider molding has the challenge of making the joint in the corner has it's own challenges so instead I realized this morning that I could just put the molding to the back and front walls and leave the side walls without. The sides are quite neat even without so they don't necessarily need moldings. Makes it easier to get clean cuts to the corners.

Of course I already ordered the materials yesterday to ensure they would be here in time. Luckily the molding isn't that expensive so a few more pieces doesn't break our budget. Besides it's good to have them if, after installing the updates plan doesn't look good I can still go with the original plan.