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In the distant future

Recently I was reading a news article about the damaged gas pipe between Finland and Estonia. The article concluded with an estimate that the repairs wont be finalized until 2024. I remember thinking that it's such far away, how could such repairs take so long. Until I realized 2024 will already be next year. And it's even only two months away!

Last year we started renewing our company strategy. We set the theme as "our company in 2025". Felt like far future at the time even if it was just 3 years away at that time. Now, it's just a bit over a year until that!

Somehow all these 202-something years feel like far future. I'm just now getting used to the idea that we are living in the 21st century. The first decade of this millennia barely starts to feel like a long time ago. Even if I have lived over half my live on this century.

I'm the nineties kid. That's when everything happened. I don't have that much memories from the eighties, even less from the decade before. Somehow my internal clock is stuck there.

I quess we have this fixation to those "early" years of our lives. A lot is happening during that time when we grow up fast. It doesn't matter how much, or meaningful things happen after that, in a sense they start happening on a slowing pace.