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We've talked a lot about innovation at our company. To stay relevant in IT industry it's important to keep innovating to stay ahead of the competition. Or just stay in the game. In this industry the saying "if you are bot moving forward you are falling behind" is the truth.

The technology moves so fast that if you're stuck in one it's obsolete before you even notice. Sometimes I feel it's moving too fast. There is no time to perfect the solutions and methods before they become obsolete.

While the innovation we have been talking about is more about creating something completely new there has always been a lot of innovation on what we have been doing. The everyday stuff we do is s sort of innovation. If we wouldn't need to create new solutions for the problems our customers bring us we would be out of work pretty soon. Or rich. We could always sell the same solution to the customers for a good price and reap the profits.

But no two problems are ever the same. There is always something different a customer is looking for. And that's our job. To solve their unique problems or put them ahead of their competition with something new. Even if those solutions are copied to later projects there is always value being the there first.