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Robot came to the house

I don't mind doing chores around the house. Even the cleaning ones. Except vacuuming. That definitely isn't on my list of my favourite pass time activities.

Now that my wife moved on his own that responsibility falls into my duties. I was definitely not looking forward starting to do the vacuuming. Previously it was on my wife's share of home duties. She for some reason likes it. She never took my succession to get some help for her and diligently took care of it by herself.

Now that she's gone I'm definitely not going to start doing that myself. As soon as she left I started looking for a vacuum cleaning robot. After a rigorous study I finally found a perfect one for my place. Today I finally had time to go and pick it up. Good so as the apartment started to look like one in a serious need for cleaning already. It's the little everyday things you don't appreciate until they are gone.

I had a busy day so didn't have time to setup the thing until late evening. After the initial charge the little fellow is now doing it's initial mapping of the place to be ready to begin it's duties.

I'm pretty sure my wife and kids had a bet going on for how long it would take me to get one 😂