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Immersed by sound

While I was shopping for the robor cleaner over the weekend I came across a great deal for the soundbar I have been looking for (Sonos Arc) ever since we got the new TV. I've had it on hold as my wife wasn't that thrilled to got that one either. Now that I don't have to worry about her opinion anymore I took the deal.

Yesterday was busy day, so I really didn't have time to try it out either. But as soon as I had a chance today I hooked the bar up with the TV and after quite straight forward setup I had the sounds flowing through the soundbar.

It's a noticeable upgrade over the feeble speakers on the TV even for the regular content. The sound is more full and dialogue much clearer, but where it shines is the content with surround support. Even more so with the shows and movies that supports Dolby Atmos. While it doesn't quite live up with the hype for the vertical sound the spatial is definitely nice. The sound is much wider.

It didn't come with a separate subwoofer, but the bass is still at good level. Maybe not quite "earth shattering" levels, vut good enough to feel the rumble. And there is always the option to add one later, but at least for now I don't want to disturb my neighbours too much.