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The struggle is real

Over the years I have become pretty good with coming up topics to write, or even just picking a topic at random and jusr writing about it. It's been a long time since I jad trouble finding something to write about... until recently.

If it wasn't due so much going on with my life I might have been in bigger trouble. But as it is there has been plenty of "obvious" things to write about.

Maybe it has been due to the fact that I do have had a lot on my mind occupying it, not leaving top much room for those thoughts towards my next post. Even though I always write on a single go without doing any real planning ahead of time I usually do have often a topic in my mind already for a while before starting to write. That way the posts come out a lot easier when I have given a bit of thought for it beforehand.

I hope I won't run out of those "easy" topics before my mind finally settles for the situation and I can regain the reserved capacity back to that forward thinking process.