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In the middle of the action

I Finally got the surround speakers installed to my new home theatre system. The bar alone was already great even for creating the virtual surround sound, but there is still difference between that and the real thing.

There are now one less reason to go to the cinemas. I can enjoy almost the same experience at home. The only thing to go to the actual theatre remains the exclusive release dates of some movies. But in these days many are released in the streaming services if not the same day then not too long after. So it's only those big movies where you absolutely don't want to be spoiled that need to be seen at the theatre.

Other reason to leave home of course is exactly that: getting out of the house. Going out to see a movie is more about going out together and doing something a bit different from the everyday life. While the movie (or series) night at home can be nice it's also nice to be somewhere else for a change.