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Not so marvelous

We had another family night today as we went to see the new the Marvels movie. It has become a tradition for us to go and see every new Marvel movie and this time was no exception.

There is so many of those coming out every year it's a bit hard staying up to date what's going on in the Marvel cinematic universe. I addition to the movies there are several streaming shows released constantly. While we've seen all the movies the shows are a bit harder to keep up to date. We barely managed to watch the Secret invasion in time, even though it's not that connected with the latest movie timeline.

This movie wasn't among the best of Marvel, hardly even an average. The story was a bit on the lighter side and it didn't give that much into deepening the universe either. Just a random story to bring together some of the new generation heroes (and to tease the biggest crossover everyone has been waiting for). It had a few good moments and a certain type of comedic value, but even the jokes were mostly quite forced instead of fitting naturally in.

As a standalone movie I would say it wouldn't be worth watching. Even for the sake of completeness of seeing all the movies in the franchise it was on the borderline worth watching. The biggest value once more was spending time together with the family.