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Black Friday is approaching

It's hard to miss such a big commercial events like Black Friday. It's still two weeks away but the stores have already started the pre-promotions. The hype is bogger every year. They really want to sell you stuff. And we just got over the singles day.

I have made some purchases lately and sure it would seem it's a bad time to do such investments as these big sales are just around the corner. But the competition is so fierce the stores are also offering great terms on returns and price matching that I can safely enjoy the discounts that might be coming up and still save some money if it happens the products I ended up with would require significant markdowns.

I already got some great prices. That is because I managed to find all that I needed from the outlet sections. There are things available that are practically new, but heavily discounted for the items that are returned by the customer for any reason or have been on display at the stores. All the items have been checked and the normal warranty and return policies apply so now I just need to keep an eye for the upcoming discounts for potential rebates.