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Together time

My wife dropped by today picking up the cats who had been staying with me while her new apartment had some walls painted. She wasn't in a hurry and suggested maybe we could watch a show or something together. So we did.

It's nothing special. We used to do that all the time while she was still living here with me. But it's something you don't realize until it's gone - those quiet time together. Just sitting on the couch next to each other. Sharing the moment.

Sure we did that a lot in the past and maybe that was part of the problem. It was all we sid together. It's nice to have such time together but sometimes you need something more. Not just being there, but being actively there. Dedicating your whole time and attention to the other.

I still hope we will have a plenty of these moments together, but we also try to find more of that active time to give to each other. Things that make those moments more special and make us feel special, noticed.