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Little conveniences

Having a robot vacuum is great in keeping the home clean in general, but where it really shines is being ready for little ad hoc cleaning needs. Just not having to take put the vacuum cleaner from the cabinet is a timesaver.

Shaving, especially with long beard can be messy. There is always a lot of hair all around afterwards and before I didn't bother to take out the vacuum. Instead I just swept the majority of hair to the trash. Now I can just command the little fellow to clean up the bathroom after me while I prepare to leave. Saves several minutes from my mornings to catch up the train in time.

Another nice thing is being able to time the heating of the car heater for the departure. As the weather is getting colder ot would take some time to scrape of the ice from the windows before heading out. Not only do I not have to do that, but the car is already nice and warm when I jump into it.

There are always those big killer features in today's tech, but we often forget the little things that really make the difference.