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Deep shit

We have a group at work to discuss and progress the psychological safety principles in pur company. Yesterday the group arranged an afterwork activity to discuss some serious topics in a more relaxed and casual environment.

The official topic for the evening was attachment theory, but that was just a warmup to get the discussion started. Over the evening, and after several glasses of wine we went through some really deep topics starting from expanding the discussion from the attachment theory to broader human psychology and our nature, via more discussion about how the current world situation affect us and how it has affected the previous generations related to the situation during their childhood and early life versus how our children see it to the grand finale of pondering truly existential topics and even the nature of consciousness.

It was great to have like minded, and for some topic controversial people present to discuss different views on those topics. I've always known we have some really smart people working for us, but that's usually realized through the daily work around their professional competence areas. But it shouldn't be a surprise smart people are also smart outside their work topics. I hope this becomes somewhat recurring event and we have a chance to talk many other topics we just didn't have time to go through in one evening.