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Free cordless vacuum

Black Friday deals are often unbeatable. Even knowing that I did buy some things prior to the black Friday week. But ot was rather safe bet due to the return policies the stores offer. I got 50 days to try those out and return them for any reason.

Now that the upcoming sale prices are out I found both the vacuum robot and the sound bar have even bigger discounts available. I got rather good deal on both of them as they were display units / returns, but there was still noticeable difference in price. Having the no question asked return policy in this kind of cases usually means the store is rather willing to just rebate the difference than having to go through the hassle of taking in the return and giving you a new product for the discounted price.

While the robot is great at cleaning up the general areas it comes short on reaching narrow places. It is also unable to clean up the furniture which, due to cats, are usually covered in cat hair. So instead of taking the rebate I decided to use that money for a lightweight cordless vacuum which I can use to take care of what the robot can't handle.