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Storage challenge

A problem I'm facing with all my different collections is they are starting to take quite a lot of storage space. Sure I could just stove them away to the back of my garage, but I don't want to hide them away. I want to keep them on display to show off my collections and above all being able to admire and enjoy them myself.

On the other hand I like minimalism and keep things out of sight. Having everything on display the wrong way makes the apartment seem cluttered. The proper display showcases aren't cheap either. Especially when having cat(s) around the collectibles need even more protection than just keeping the dust away.

If I don't want to fill every surface and available wall space with shelves filled with the thing I need to make the hard choice of what to keep on display and what simply store away. There are just too many things I want to keep on display. On the other hand it's a good thing that there isn't too much space for everything. Maybe that could keep my collection a bit more focused when I actually need to decide where to focus.