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Dangerous technology

Technology can gibe out a false sense of safety, or at least make some people feel like they can let tech to handle things for them while they are focusing on something else. While some people are outright stupid and irresponsible using the tech for non-intended uae the manufacturers are not without blame either. If not outright lying on their advertising about the capability of their products they might not shed a thought on how wrongly their products could be used.

It gets even more dangerous when multiple products are combined in this sense. The recent example is the new Apple vision pro AR glasses which some people seem to thing are fine to be used while droving their "self driving" Tesla.

Tesla gives out the impression that their cars can drive on their own. While this might be true in some very limited conditions the driver must still be paying attention at all times. The Apple glasses are advertised as augmented reality device giving the user a view of the real world while using them. This is also not true. Instead they are just showing passthrough image on the screen, which again could work as advertised in some situations.

There is however the possibility of either of these devices failing on what they are implied by the manufacturer to be capable of doing. While this is true for basically all technology these two are prime examples that are being used in situations where them failing might have catastrophic consequences. Even more so when used together at the same time.