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Big and small changes

Usually it's easier to accept and adapt to small changes while big changes cause more resistance. On the other hand it's easier ro adjust to bigger changes when they are more noticeable than the small ones.

I still haven't completely gotten over the change in media controls in our previous car compared to the ones in the one before that. The small change was the direction of the next/previous button to skip a track in a playlist. After over two and a half years I still occasionally have to think which way did they work.

The new car kept those controls the same: up is still the precious track and down the next one. But while that little detail didn't change the big change was swapping all the media controls from right to the left side of the wheel and doing the opposite for the driver assistance features.

It's been only a month and I have already mostly accepted that change. It's big enough to be noticed and overall the controls are more often used. I think it also helps that this new arrangement feels more logical.