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Bad things rarely come alone

There is a saying in Finnish "no two without a third" referring to unfortunately situation usually piling up. If two bad things happens close by you should be expecting a third bad thing being just around the corner.

After yesterdays water disaster the second one happened to me today: the internal mud cover under the fender of our car fell off. I'm not sure how that happened, it must have been loosened up already as when I inspected the other side it's quite tightly fixed there. I haven't either noticed it being hit by anything. There isn't any sign of such thing and it being quite well covered under the fender there should be other signs of collision around it if that would have been the case.

So either it's some manufacturing defect with the fasteners let too loose or it was due the recent weather conditions slush and water piling up under the cover and then pushing it loose as those froze over.

I truly hope it was just these two of at this time and there isn't any third mishap waiting to happen anytime soon 🤞