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Insurance claims

Making insurance claims is never fun. Making sure you have accurate description of damages and what happened is delicate work. With a more simple incident it's easy, but when I started going through all the damaged items in the late water incidents I was starting to feel a vit despair. There are thousands of items and I'm not sure how detailed I should list them.

The comic books for example. There are a few rarities that are worth tens of Euros, some even close to a hundred. Those obviously need to be listed individually. But the rest - they are individually worth a few Euros. I'm not sure if it would be enough to list their quantity and give an average price or should I for example list them grouped by year of publication?

Those comic books are clearly collectible items and covered by insurance. I even have a specific collectible insurance added to my home insurance listing individual collections do it shouldn't be a problem getting them covered as long as I can provide the value estimation.

The more challenging part is the retro/vintage IT equipment. Among the damaged items there were some computer components that are nearly 30 years old. With normal IT equipment the insured value goes down rather fast and from that point of view these items are of no value. But there is valid secondary market and demand for these components among the retro enthusiast. Maybe I should go through some eBay listings to check their value and try my luck getting at least some coverage for them as well.