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From disaster to opportunity

When something bad happens it always help to try and see the good sides... thinking positively. The first impression from my latest mishap wasn't that good, but now that I have given it some time maybe there is some good in it as well.

While loosing all the stuff makes me sad at least the insurance should cover some of it. I can get back the things I really needed. Besides, in addition to all the stuff that had at least some value there was a lot of things that have been dead weight. Just taking space in the storage, stuff that I just haven gotten rid of. You know, I might need it some day. No point in saving those now that they are ruined.

Besides all the damaged stuff there was also damage to the walls and the floor. Big part of those need to be replaced. While the internal walls need to be teared down maybe the wall between the storage and the garage could be moved a bit. This would give bit more storage space as there could be shelves on both walls. There would then also be enough room for the workshop at the back of the storage I have been dreaming of.