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Feet up

Even though my job can be described as a traditional office job, the kind where you spend a whole day sitting at your desk I tend to stand up roughly half of the time. Having an adjustable desk makes it easy to alternate between different positions which is good for your health. "Sitting kills" they say.

Standing for too long can kill as well, at leat your feet. Sometimes when it's an intensive day I might forgot to sit down every now and then and at the end of the day realize I have been standing the whole day.

In any day, especially on those full day standups it's nice to get my feet off the ground. Spending time on the couch one of my favourite positions is to lean back on the corner and put my feet on the back rest.

But the best thing is getting to the bed and raising the feet up while reading before going to sleep. The motorized bed has really changed how I feel after those long days of standing on my feet.