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Keeping a secret

It seems it's quite hard to keep a secret these days. At least from the giant spying machine that is the internet. It feels like if you even thought about something you will start seeing ads related to those thoughts.

For a couple of weeks I have known something that only a few people in addition to myself know of. I haven't mentioned it anywhere online. I've only told it to a few people that I felt should know in advance and who I can trust not to spread the word.

Yet, for over a week now I have seen ads in various places about the thing. Enough that it can't be just a coincidence. It's getting scary how good those data harvesting services have become. I'm normally quite conscious and careful about my privacy online, ywt still somehow the machine was able to derive enough relevant information from the small fingerprint I have left regarding the topic to be able to deduce what's about to happen and sell that info to the highest bidder for them to be able to target those highly specialized ads towards me.