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Welcome to the C-level

The news is finally out - the secret I have had to keep for the past weeks is finally bo longer a secret. I have been appointed as the CTO of our company!

I'm really excited. This has been my goal for almost two decades. A goal that I set to myself back when I was still a regular developer, and the one I wasn't really hoping to ever reach back then. But why set your goals too low? If you don't reach your ultimate goal you'll still be aiming higher and work harder to get closer to it. That way you also have a clear path and can better take the right opportunities along the way to move you closer to that goal.

Even though I already considered my previous position as reaching my goal, it already practically included the CTO role and responsibilities, it's still great to finally have tha actual title. Even though there might be higher expectations for me now in this new position it's also a relief as in addition those those responsibilities I'm no longer also a supervisor of all our nearly 70 technical people. While I didn't hate that responsibility it's still great to being able to focus fully on technology in strategic level. But I do miss all those opportunities where I could offer my help and support to lift those people up on their own careers.