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Unnecessary automation

I like automating things - to a certain extent. Most of the time I still want to be a control. At least on some level. I only want the automation to kick in when I tell so.

Of course there are automations that I have set up to trigger on certain events that I wouldn't want to explicitly start. Some simple things that, if I would need to trigger it even with a simple push of a button would defeat the purpose. Like lights for example.

The latest addition to my home automation system was automating the A/C unit to start it's operation when the inside temperature reaches a certain level. It's nice and all, but sometimes it kicks in even if I don't feel too hot. I don't want to waste electricity to do something to negate a situation when I don't feel uncomfortable.

It's hard to automate something that is based on a relative feeling. On the other hand I don't want to disable it either. It's for example nice to come back home after a hot day when the house is already nice and cool when I arrive. Maybe I could set it so that it would ask me a confirmation before triggering the cooling. But then I would beed to allow it to access the internet so I could also approve the cooling when I'm not home.