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Another step outside my comfort zone

While we have been refining my new role description and responsibilities I have realized there are a few new things I need to step in. It's not like my previous role(s) wouldn't have had those, vut at this point I was assuming I have already seen it all.

While this step isn't as big as the previous one it's still something to push myself forward. While it's always scary to step into such new things it's also the thing that has kept me pushing forward. Not just becoming better on what I do, but to become good at new things.

While it has taken me relatively long time to reach at this level I'm sure the end is still not near. I still have many years to push myself forward in new areas. There is so much to learn. Even if I might have that many steps left ahead of me. I'm sure learning the ropes on this new role will take a while, but I think I should already start planning the next step. I just don't know what that could be. This one has been my ultimate goal for so many years it's hard to thing where to go from here.