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What's easy for me...

I often find myself wondering what's so hard in doing something when others need to do it. It seems so easy for me, but they are struggling even with the basics. Of course those are usually things I have years of experience doing. They come so naturally to me that it's hard to realize how challenging those things can actually be for someone who has no experience.

I've found myself in the same situation the other way around as well. It seems so easy to them, but I just can't grasp how they do it. Trying to explain the thing, even lowering the expectations and trying to follow through with a simpler approach still feels overwhelming.

When you are an expert on something, even if you try to "explain the basics", the basics can be still way above their head. There is something that what you think is the basics is still rocket science to others. When you gain a lot of experience in something the baseline will shift along your competence.

This is why I have huge respect for those people that can actually teach new things to people who are just getting started despite having the vast knowledge and expertise.