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Being present

With a lot of my duties at work now lifted from me I should in theory have a lot more time in my calendar. But in practice it seems it's filling as fast as before. There is still a lot of meetings my role expects me to attend.

They are not really new things. They are things I had to skip prioritizing other meetings over them. Meetings that I wished to be able to participate but just couldn't find the time.

While this late change might not clean up my calendar that much I still feel it's for the better. The meetings I have been able to clear out were not always the ones I was looking forward to attend. Not the ones I felt I could contribute the most. Meetings that drained my energy. Those were the ones I attended out of duty.

But it's not just the type of meetings that have changed. Having to skip so many things also left me not feeling good. Now I know I'm not missing or neglecting anything, so there shouldn't anymore be that nagging feeling at the back of my mind that I'm not doing enough, not doing everything I'm expected. So it also leaves me more energy to really be present in those meetings as well as in the ones I still need to attend just out of duty.