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Everything's a remix

Is there real originality? Everything we do, be it art or science is based on work of others before us. There is always some prior art or knowledge we have experienced that influences what we produce.

A.I. isn't any different. The models are trained on data we humans have creates and it's just trying to imitate us. It can derive new combinations from the data it has been trained on, but can we do any different?

Drawing inspiration from those earlier works is not just common, it's the "law". No matter how much we try there is always something creeping into our creations from our experiences. Creativity isn't creating something completely new. It's just putting old things together in a new ways.

Most of the time it even actually helps if there is something recognizable in the work we do. We don't really like new things. We like things that feel familiar in a way or another. Often this can even be a powerful asset. Giving people the joy of recognizing some familiar things can give them comfort, or even pride when they can tell where they know it comes from.