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It's getting closer

I just realized tomorrow will mark the start of my last full week at work before vacation. The following week will be shorter as the midsummer eve is a national holiday and before that I will take my extra hours of. That's about 1,5 additional days. So in total I only have one and a half week work left before my vacation!

It came surprisingly fast. I wasn't yet expecting it. I also haven't felt the need for a vacation this time. That's a good sign. Even though the spring was quite hectic the resent change in my duties was a relief. I remember anxiously waiting for the vacation on two previous years. So even though I haven't been in my new role for more than a week it's already working.

Of course there were more than that. I already knew from the beginning of the year that there will be changes to my duties (although didn't expect this big). It's easier to get through even the hardest times when you know that the change is coming. Gives you a bit of extra energy to get through those rougher times.