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Over 100000

I did some inventory updates on the LEGO sets I own over the weekend. At the end the brick counter displayed a whopping 102213 pieces! That's a lot. Sure, that count is mostly based on sets I own, assuming full sets. But still, accounting for the missing pieces (1506) it's still over 100000.

That's from 311 sets. There are less than 10 sets that I have duplicates, so I also own over 300 sets. In all those sets there is 736 minifigures. Quite an army as well.

It's a big number for me, but the site I use to track my collection also displays collection rankings. While it might be not used by all the LEGO collectors around the world I bet the percentage using it is still quite high. Whit my whopping 6 digit brick count I was a bit disappointed I only ranked barely in the top 40000! Yet, that was still in the top 14% of the collections recorded on the site. There sure are many collectors out there.

I definitely should up my game and get all those unsorted, uncatalogued bricks sorted to increase my ranking.