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Goes further, charges faster

Trips to our cottage are the longest driving trips I do regularly. With the old car there was no chance getting there with a single charge. Those trips always required careful planning to het the car charger as efficiently as possible. While the trip is long enough to need some breaks along the way it still was some extra effort.

Today I was about 2/3 way there when I stopped at last big grocery store to so some shopping. Battery was still good 50% charge left, so there wouldn't have been any problem getting to my destination and even some way back with the remaining charge. But as I was stopping anyway, and as there were some high speed chargers available I plugged the car in anyway.

During the time it took us to do our shopping the car was already 100% charged. Enough to leave 80% left at our destination, enough to drive back home non-stop if necessary. All in all, I really like the range of my new car. And on top of that, the fast charging speed makes it possible to do even longer road trips conveniently.