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Too fast charging

After pondering whether I'll het back home today evening or tomorrow morning I decided to choose the former option. O still had enough juice in the car battery that it should have gotten me all the way back home without requiring any charging stops.

It's a long drive so eventually I had to have a bathroom break anyway. So while I stopped for a relief I decided to plug the car into a charger. Even though there should have been enough charge left it's always a bit stressful to cut it too close. That's why I wanted to get a few more kilowatts to the battery to not having to stress about running out of energy close to home. You never know how it goes. After all it's just an estimate.

After the approximately 5 minutes it took me ro visit the bathroom I came back and found the battery was already charged almost 20% during that time! It's nice to see such charging speeds, but I was kinda hoping to get back home with as little charge as comfortably possible. It's always cheaper to charge at home (even though those station chargers aren't that expensive either), but especially as I had checked that the electricity price will once again be negative during the coming night.