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Vacation time

My vacation officially started today. That means I can fully focus on our larp project. Although the busiest part of it will be already over in twp days. So I'm not really spending all my vacation just on it. It's just that it pretty much dictated when my vacation would be even though I already started working there way before my vacation.

I really don't have any other vacation plans. But I'm aure doing nothing is welcomed in between the building and tearing down our spaceship. I'm sure there will still be occasional tasks for me during, and between runs ro keep me busy enough so I don't fet bored during my vacation.

There is also still some renovations to be done, so I have a chance to be productive and so something useful during the next four weeks. There will also be all those moving arrangements for our kids that need to be taken care of. So I'm pretty sure my vacation won't be boring. It might even be so that I need a "vacation" after this vacation. Good thing is that I get back to "relaxing" at work after it. At least it's something different.