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After 12 hours

Today I left early to our building site. We should have everything ready by tomorrow afternoon when we are hosting an event to the representatives of both media and our partners of what we have been doing. While things have been progressing smoothly there is still a lot to do before we are ready (and some finalizing work will continue until Thursday when our players arrive).

Until now, apart from doing some groundwork installing networks my tasks have been mostly sitting in front of the computer (and occasional helping woth carrying stuff etc.), but today I was going through finalizing the network setup, putting all our computers in place and connecting them and installing screens. A lot of carrying stuff around, walking through the corridors and climbing up and down the stairs. I only took a couple of short breaks during the day, sitting down just to catch a breath and checking our on-site chat for any messages that might need my attention.

After 12 hours my feet were burning. My watch displayed a whopping 22000 steps! All that while not even leaving the building.