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Stepping up the game

I thought yesterdays 22000 steps was a lot, but today I accumulated nearly 5000 steps more! The day started with moving all my younger child's stuff to a warehouse. They are moving to a new apartment next month and their current lease ends already at the end of this month. So had to find a place to store all their furniture and other things somewhere for the time in between.

The moving was done around noon and I had a moment to shower and ear before heading back to our game site. We had a n invite only event for our sponsors, partners and media today, so not that much building and much more showing. Giving tours around our set to those people while telling what we have done was also tiring on it's own way.

But now it's done as well so tomorrow all the focus will go towards finishing everything before the players arrive. Luckily I don't have much left under my responsibility, so unless anything unexpected appears I might rake a shorter day tomorrow. In any case it is the final day of building and I should be able to relax and get some rest over the weekend.