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Extreme heat

The temperature topped at 29 degrees today. I know it's not much compared to some actually hot regions on earth, but it's pretty much in here. Doesn't get much hotter in here and I think the record isn't that much higher.

We can easily get -30 degrees in winter so that's quite a big difference. The fact that it can both get extremely hot and cold poses some challenges ro many things. You need good heating and insulation for the houses for example as well as good air conditioning if you want to be comfortable throughout the year. Freezing and heat expansion also sets requirements for many materials that are exposed to these conditions.

The heat is a less common problem. We have learned to prepare for the cold weather and abundant amount of snow. Yet still there are reports of things malfunctioning or even breaking during winters. It's not that common here yo hear the same about the heat. But there were news today about trains malfunctioning due to the extreme heat.