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Cooling off

It's common to go and ait out side to cool off after sauna. But now it has been so hot outside that if tou go there (with or without sauna) you start to sweat immediately. So it really doesn't serve the purpose at this time. It would be better to sit outside for a while before sauna to get some pre-heat.

And yes, I'm complaining about how hot it's outside and then go sit in a room which is even hotter! During the cold times it's great and even during warmer times it makes the air outside feel cooler, at least for a while. But in weather like this (it was still 27 degrees this evening when I finished my sauna) it doesn't work that way anymore. Maybe I should heat up my sauna even hotter to make the outside temperature feel cool enough again. Or then just enjoy the coolness of the air-conditioned rooms inside.