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Game over

Our first run of our game is now over. What was supposed ro be 48 hours of intensive play turned out to last 49,5 hours! There were still so many loose ends at the 48 hour mark we decided to let the players to finish any loose ends before closing the game for good.

That wasn't the only unexpected thing that happened. As anticipated, players' ingenuity led ro some unexpected outcomes to some of our plotlines. It's nice to see such creativity and realize just how complex and flexible the game os despite writing rigid plots and storylines.

The run wasn't without the issues either. Our on-site teams worked hard to fix any issues and provide workaround to ensure game could continue running smoothly. There is also a formidable list of fixes and improvements to work on before the next game starts. Like resetting the game wouldn't have been enough already. The first batch of players were the beta testers. But this time it's a commodity most of the games don't have: they only get that first beta run. Luckily we have two more runs coming up so we have the opportunity to improve.