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I originally developed in a couple of weeks almost 4 years ago. I had great plans back then for the site, but after working for another four or so months finalizing the basic features of the site I concluded it's good enough and instead decided to retain the simplicity of the site.

Now, I haven't touched the codebase for over three and a half years. There hasn't been any major issues I would need to have had to fix. There has been a few things that I have had in mind to remove to make the site even simpler. But I haven't gotten around returning to the codebase.

Touching old code is always a bit of a challenge. Even your own. It takes time to get around the code to understand where everything is, or in the case of your own code recall that information. The progress is also so fast that the code "so old" feels like some ancient thing. There are better ways and practices doing thing nowadays.

So if I want to change something it could be easier to just start from the scratch again and update everything up to todays standards. With such a simple project as this one it would still be quite easily doable. With much more complex codebase that's basically never an option leading to ever increasing complexity of the project.