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No-time time

One of the benefits (or challenges?) of being on vacation is that there are no schedules. I don't have to be anywhere at certain time. I can sleep as long as I want (or can). I don't have to worry about time or watch the clock all the time.

Of course there are things I have "scheduled" for my vacation. But most of those things are flexible. And there is usually plenty of time in between that I can focus on doing whatever I want (or be doing nothing). It's actually good thing to have some time bound events during the vacation. It's so easy to forgot what day it is when you don't need to think about it. Better have reminders set for those important things when I actually need to do something on set time.

It's nice to live without schedules for a while. Living in today, maybe a bit of tomorrow, but nothing further than that. Just days following each others. Unfortunately I can only have a short such periods during this vacation. There is way too many things interrupting my no-time all the time.