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Round two

Our second run of our grand larp started today. We had a few days in between runs to reset everything to the starting point, fix restock any single-use items, fix all the broken stuff and even do some improvements. It was a busy times getting everything ready again before the players arrived yesterday afternoon.

I'm not that much involved in the run time activities. Back when we started to plan the game and schedules I decided I'd limit my involvement during the games to setup/building and maintenance duties and bot get actively involved in running the game itself. We have plenty of people volunteering to do it, so I can have some much needed rest and focus on my other vacation activities while the games are running.

I'm still on voluntary on-call. There are things I've setup that nobody else knows so thoroughly as I do. While I have tried to document what I have done and left some instructions for most common potential issues there might come issues that others can't solve. So I need to be ready to go and fix the problems if any arises.

During the first run there wasn't any critical issues and most of the minor ones I was avle to fix during the between-games time. I also did some improvements which should increase the resilience of the systems so there should be even slimmer chance for me to need to step in.