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Moving around

We have multiple movings going on during the summer. First, our youngest one, who have been living with me but still had their own apartment due to one year minimum lease time moved away from that apartment. They have a new place, but at the time the previous lease ended they still didn't have keys to the new place. So we had to move their staff to a temporary storage. The new apartment also is a bit smaller so not all of their stuff will fit there so part of them will be staying in the storage.

Today we moved about half of their things to the new apartment. Still need to do another run at some point to get rest of it there.

When that's done the second moving starts. It will also be temporary as our oldest one is in turn moving at my place until he finds a new home. The temporary storage once again comes in handy as we can store his stuff there as well. But it also means there will be two movings related to him as well.