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Boardgame weekend

Our godson and his brother have been staying at my place over this weekend. For the past several years it has been a tradition for them to visit us every year. Like us, they too like to play boardgames and these visits are often filled with long boardgame sessions. Over the weekend we have been playing at least 5 different boardgames. Many of them several times.

They are leaving tomorrow, but before that I promised to take them to our larp-game set to see the spaceship we have built. I'm sure they will be impressed seeing it live. The schedule fit us perfectly as we are just between runs so there is no game going on or players present during the next days. Tomorrow we also have the "official" bring your friends and family to the set -day when people participating in building or running the game have an opportunity to show around the places before we open up the set for the public on the next day.